Reiki & Seichem Training

Reiki & Seichem Training courses offered by Complete Balance in Herefordshire and across the UK.


Reiki is a form of energy healing that involves the therapist channelling energy through his/her hands and passing it on to the recipient. We all have a certain amount of energy at our disposal to be channelled in this way and used in healing. However, once attuned to Reiki by a qualified teacher you are able to channel increased levels of energy.


Seichem is another form of energy therapy and is very similar to Reiki. Often a practitioner will have been attuned to both Reiki & Seichem. When considering elemental healing which is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Reiki is considered to be the earth element and Seichem makes up the other three elements of water, air and fire.

In order to channel the healing energies of Reiki and Seichem, you must be attuned to them by a qualified teacher. There are three levels of training within the Reiki system I teach enabling you to progress with your training. Personal development and the ability to facilitate your own healing takes place at all three levels within the system.

Level 1 Reiki or Reiki & Seichem

Level 1 opens you to the healing energies and allows you to work with the energy on yourself and others. You will be attuned to the healing energies of Reiki or Reiki and Seichem at this level. I will also teach you how to conduct a hands-on healing. The focus of this class is on your own development and self-healing. Significant personal growth often occurs after this teaching.

Level 2 Reiki or Reiki & Seichem

Level 2 Reiki or Reiki and Seichem enables you to channel stronger healing energy, teaches you how to use symbols and how to send distant healing through time and space. After this level, you can obtain insurance in order to practice the healing system on others.

I also recommend that people study basic Anatomy & Physiology, Interpersonal Skills and Nutrition training before they begin practicing as a therapist. It is also important to read as much as possible around the subjects of health, healing and subtle energy. I will give reading lists to my students so they can develop their understanding of energy healing further.

Level 3 Reiki or Reiki & Seichem

Level 3 Reiki or Reiki and Seichem can be taken in order to enhance your own personal development and in order to enable you to teach the system to others. Significant personal development is often achieved at this level and healing abilities are greatly enhanced.

Please contact me for more details on Reiki & Seichem training. I run Reiki & Seichem training courses in Herefordshire but am prepared to travel if you live elsewhere in the UK and would like to learn the system.