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We are committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure. Due to a change in the law, we’re updating our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect and keep, why we collect this information and how your data is being handled when you cease using our services. We will take all appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of your data.

The purpose of this policy

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what kind of information we collect in connection with our service and how we will process and use this information. In the course of providing you with services we will collect and process information that is commonly known as personal data.

This Policy describes how we collect, use, retain and safeguard personal data. It also sets out your individual rights to know what data is held about you, how this data is processed and how you can place restriction on the use of your data.

About Complete Balance

I am a practitioner offering the therapies of Health Kinesiology, The Bowen Technique and Reiki and Seichem. I also run workshops and offer training in Reiki & Seichem. I operate from my practice based at my home clinic in Ledbury and from clinics in Cheltenham and Corse in Gloucestershire.

What is personal data?

The personal data I collect from clients includes contact details and, during a consultation, health information.

Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Examples include an individual’s name, address, contact details, but also age, date of birth and gender.

This data is collected during therapy consultations and all clients are asked to sign a consent form which is stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Collection of personal data

The personal data I collect from clients includes contact details and, during a consultation, health information. This data is collected at the time of treatments or via enquiries made to me by potential clients via social media, telephone, SMS, email or through my website.

Why do we need your personal data?

Personal data is used in my practice when working with clients or individuals on workshops or courses. Email addresses are used where an individual has given consent to receive a 6 weekly newsletter or to hear about events or promotions run by Complete Balance.

How can you correct or update your data?

Clients are always welcome to email me or call me regarding the data I have stored for them. I will always be able to give you access to that data or get rid of it if you so wish.

How we protect your personal data

Email addresses are stored on my computer which is password protected. A list is also stored under mailchimp which is password protected and adheres to full GDPR privacy legislation. Any enquiries sent via email or via my website are confidential and protected under my email and web providers (1&1) privacy policy. All hard copies of client information is safely stored in a locked filing cabinet.

Links / social media

If clients contact me via social channels it is at their own discretion. I never share any personal information via this medium.

Do we share your data with anyone?

Client information is never shared with anyone including third parties. I will occasionally share client comments but always with prior consent. I share a newsletter with clients approximately every 6 weeks. There is an option to unsubscribe which can be activated at any time.

Your rights

The GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:

  • the right to be informed;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to rectification (to update and change your details);
  • the right to erasure;
  • the right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to object; and
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling

Individuals can exercise their Individual Rights at any time. As mandated by law we will not charge a fee to process these requests, however if your request is considered to be repetitive, wholly unfounded and/or excessive, we are entitled to charge a reasonable administration fee.

In exercising your Individual Rights, you should understand that in some situations we may be unable to fully meet your request. For example if you make a request for us to delete all your personal data, we may be required to retain some data for legal purposes as advised by our insurance cover. My insurer Balens advise me to keep the data for at least 7 years after their last session for adults, and for at least 7 years after their 18th birthday for minors.

You should understand that when exercising your rights, a substantial public or vital interest may take precedence over any request you make. In addition, where these interests apply, we are required by law to grant access to this data for law enforcement, legal and/or health related matters.

How long do we keep your personal information?

My insurer Balens advise me to keep the data for at least 7 years after their last session for adults, and for at least 7 years after their 18th birthday for minors.

How do we store your personal information?

All personal health information is stored in a locked filing cabinet or on my password protected computer.


For the purposes of meeting the Data Protection Act 2018 territorial scope requirements, the United Kingdom is the named territory where the processing of personal data takes place.

Any dispute or claim arising out of this Privacy Policy and the use of your personal information will be governed by English law and the courts of England and Wales have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any such dispute or claim.

If you require more information about our service processes or further details on how we collect personal data, please contact Helen Mawson on

Changes to this policy

Changes to this policy will be displayed on the website