Wellness Consultancy

In a Wellness Consultancy session, we look at different aspects of your life to see what can be addressed to bring about more balance. I will use the therapies I practice as well as my wellness audit to assess what is impacting on your current health and well-being. 

Areas that are considered include; 

  • General and specific health concerns
  • Relationships 
  • Work
  • Finances
  • The home

When the audit is completed, I will make recommendations for improvements and we will work together to devise appropriate strategies. 

I utilise the skills I have as a therapist to correct any physical, mental, emotional or energetic imbalance.

For more information on Wellness Consultancy or to book a time for a session please contact me.

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Helen Mawson, BSc. Hons. DipM. BTAA. BAUK. KFRP