Bowen for Pregnancy, Fertility, Babies & Children

In this article, I share with you some experiences of working with Bowen for pregnancy, fertility babies and , children and explain how the therapies I practice can help. This is an area of particular interest to me as I feel so much can be done to influence our health for the better early on in our lives and often pre-birth. It is a fascinating topic and one that has many different facets which I can only touch on briefly in this article.

Bowen for Babies and Children;

As Bowen is extremely gentle, it is ideal for babies and children. In a treatment I use specific procedures known as “Baby Bowen” and ‘less is more’, so a session may be half the time of that for an adult. The Baby Bowen work focuses on the thoracic area and can help with digestive and respiratory problems. Work is also done on the neck and head which can often have a profound effect on the baby or child being treated.

Baby Bowen has been used to assist recovery from a variety of issues such as birth trauma, feeding and digestive problems such as colic, as well as sleeping difficulties. And because babies and youngsters appear to respond quicker than adults to treatment, improvement is often seen after only a couple of sessions. 

Bowen for pregnancy & Fertility

The technique has been used with great effect for treating the many side effects of pregnancy such as back pain / problems, structural imbalance, digestive problems / discomfort and is also useful in preparing the body for labour. Furthermore, the technique can be used with infertility and to balance hormones.

The Birthing process for the mother

Birth is probably one of the most significant experiences a woman’s body will go through in her life. It can often have a profound impact on the mother physically, mentally and emotionally. Whilst I dislike using the term “birth trauma” as it has such negative connotations there is no denying that birth does have a significant impact upon the female body. One of the most effective ways of getting a female body balanced and in a good space to carry and give birth to her baby is by balancing the Psoas muscle. When the Psoas is engaged the baby’s weight is supported properly and the mother will feel most comfortable. Working with the Psoas and the pelvis will allow the weight of the baby to be carried in a balanced way eliminating discomfort for both mother and baby, this will also make for a much easier labour.

The Birthing process for the baby

This is a complex topic and once again I only skim the surface with what I am sharing here. In my practice, I have seen some pretty amazing responses to the therapy work I have done with newborns and older babies and children. Typically newborns can have all sorts of restrictions on their skeletal structure the cervical vertebrae will generally require some balancing work to be done as a result of birth. Sometimes the way a baby has been laid in the womb causes issues with certain structural and sometimes developmental processes. These issues can generally be rectified quickly and easily with babies and in doing this will also eliminate the problems that could occur later as a result of the imbalance. I am constantly amazed at how quickly babies respond to treatment.

Experience tells us that treatment may help and reduce the stress of the following:

    •    Intolerances/allergies
    •    Birth trauma
    •    Digestive issues such as colic
    •    Feeding and breast feeding
    •    Sleeping difficulties
    •    Teething
    •    Stress
    •    Neck restrictions
    •    Bladder problems including bed-wetting

Bowen for fertility;
In Bowen, we have a protocol that can be used to address fertility problems that a couple might be experiencing. This has been highly successful for a number of people. The protocol involves working with both male and female and involves the coccyx procedure being used over a number of weeks at specific times during the female cycle. Working with and applying the coccyx procedure in this way seems to have a very specific balancing effect on the hormonal state of the body.

Bowen is holistic;

Bowen is a truly holistic modality while we utilise specific procedures depending on what our clients are presenting with the impact of treatment generally goes beyond what we are treating specifically and has a positive impact on other areas of health. Many of the Bowen moves and procedures are made over specific meridians or over chakras so not only is the therapy having an impact at a physical level, impact on a more subtle level is also taking place.

To conclude Bowen for Pregnancy & Fertility issues is extremely effective form of treatment. It can be used at all stages of pregnancy and with babies and children who often respond to it extremely quickly.