My swimming dilemma

I love swimming, I always have but my auto immune illness stopped me doing this as regularly as I would have liked. I have recently gotten back into it however, and I am loving it all over again! I find that I can exercise so much more in water than I can on land and easily clock up a few miles each week, which is great.

Swimming works the whole body.

Swimming gives the whole body a decent work-out and it will also give you a good stretch too, so it’s like you are getting a 2 for 1! I also personally find it extremely relaxing; it helps me wind down and lower my stress hormones so I’m getting several benefits all rolled into one activity!

Beware the dreaded Chlorine (and other chemicals!)

I recently ran into a bit of a glitch in my “swimming love” however which had me itchy, wheezy and my hair turning a worrying shade of green! Enter Chlorine, Bromide and Ammonia all present in most commercial swimming pools. These chemicals are not harmonious to the human body and can cause all sorts of problems even in small doses especially to those more susceptible.

Chlorine, Bromide, and Iodine

Chlorine, Bromide, and Iodine are all chemicals that are referred to as halite’s meaning they are similar in molecular structure to one and other. Iodine which is necessary for all sorts of bodily functions including the smooth functioning of the Thyroid is also a halite. If the body is deficient in Iodine it will take up another halite i.e. Chlorine, or Bromide thinking that is Iodine! With the above in mind, you can see that this is another potential issue that could be caused by regular swimming in a chlorinated pool.

Kinesiology to the rescue!

Being a Kinesiolgist I am more than aware that we are surrounded by chemicals in our environment, and these will often need to be used in “corrections” to rebalance the body. This helps the body become less reactive and bothered by the chemical essentially recognising it. This is something we kinesiologists call an energy mismatch. The same principle applies to moulds, toxins, pollens, dust, pet hair, foods and even emotions! Anything can cause an imbalance in the body and these things can mostly be corrected so they no longer cause a problem.

My corrective protocol

Luckily for me the swimming pool that I use is often incredibly quiet, so I could surreptitiously take my sample bottle and fill it with swimming pool water for my Kinesiology correction! Later that day I used the water along with some other bits of my Kinesiology kit to perform the “correction” on myself. Thankfully, this has worked and has helped my body, no more itchy skin, green hair and wheezy breathing and I can continue swimming!

I also take a decent dose of sea kelp daily, so my body has good iodine levels thus preventing it taking up and storing any unwanted chlorine or bromide.

I like to think that with Kinesiology there is always a way to restore and rebalance heath and wellness and I am so grateful to have the skills and knowledge that I have, to help myself, my family, and my clients.

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