Health Kinesiology and what it can do for you

In this article, I share with you some information concerning Kinesiology, Health Kinesiology and what it can do for you to be specific which is a specific form of this therapy. I will highlight what it is and how it can help you to feel healthy, balanced and vibrant!

Health Kinesiology and what it can do for you – Kinesiology

Pronounced Kin-easy-ology is a health / healing modality, there are now many different types or branches of Kinesiology across the world. The modality was originally developed in the late 60s seventies by an American Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart founder of Applied Kinesiology and the International College of Applied Kinesiology. Goodheart discovered that each muscle in the belongs to a specific circuit or meridian within the body and that when things in the circuit are out of balance the muscle would test weak.

Training in this modality will often take a practitioner several years and Kinesiology generally contains lots of techniques and procedures that can be used to re-balance the body and energy systems.

I originally trained in Health Kinesiology which was developed by Dr Jimmy Scott in Canada in 1978. I also trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology which was developed by Dr John Thie in the 70s.

These types of Kinesiology both have their origins and connections to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and I also learnt a lot about TCM such as the acupuncture points and what health issues they are used for treating.

Muscle Testing

Many people refer to Kinesiology and Muscle testing interchangeably, however, the two are quite different. Muscle testing is a technique we are trained in as Kinesiologists in order to get bio-energetic feedback from the body when asking very precise questions or when using a food or allergen to test the body’s response. Muscle testing as a technique has been adopted by many health practitioners such as nutritionists and herbalists to ascertain information from the body concerning supplements or food intolerance or allergies.


In Kinesiology training we learn where the meridian energy are located throughout the body and precisely where the hundreds of acupuncture points are located. We then learn lots of techniques that can be used to balance the meridians such as gentle massage or tapping them lightly which helps revive and restore them. Health Kinesiology works by re-tuning meridian energy to accept a pattern of stress that has been highlighted within the body. There are 14 main meridians on the human body – two of them run directly up the centre of the body, one at the front, one at the back, and the remaining 12 meridians are bi-lateral – i.e. they are in pairs, one on the left and one on the right of the body.

The Chinese discovered that each of the meridians directed energy into one of the main organs of the body (for example, we have a pair of meridians each for our Liver, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys etc.). If the meridian becomes blocked, or malfunctions in some other way, the organ does not receive its usual amount of energy and becomes ‘under-energised’, and therefore does not work as well as usual, and this causes symptoms in the body. An organ can also become ‘over-energised’ when too much energy is directed into it by the meridians, which can also have a detrimental effect.

The Chinese also found that certain emotions tended to under- or over-energise particular meridians, and so our thoughts and our emotions can influence the functioning of our internal organs. For example, the Kidney and Bladder meridians are particularly influenced by ‘fear’ and ‘anxiety’-type emotions.

How I work in practice

Within Health Kinesiology I have lots of procedures that I can use in order to balance the body and energy systems. I do this by muscle testing your body and identifying what it needs from my “menu” of “corrections” in order to regain balance. These “corrections” are performed by highlighting a pattern of stress. These stress patterns might be emotional or psychological and are set up by the individual thinking about something specific or by physically using a toxin, allergen, food or other substance. I will test which circuit or meridian is out of balance and will hold points on that circuit along with using other “kit” in the presence of the stressor in order to restore balance back to the body and energy systems. This literally allows your body and energy systems to integrate and deal with whatever was causing the stress. People generally feel freer and lighter after this work, they also report that they can think about or be in the presence of whatever was causing them stress and it not cause them problems any longer.

Some specific examples of the things this work has helped people with include; Phobias, Fears, Emotional problems, Unhealthy patterns of behaviour, Psychological stress, Pain, Sensory issues, Cognitive issues, Learning difficulties, Allergies and Intolerance issues to name but a few!

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