Energy healing for mind and body

Energy healing for mind and body – What is energy?

Energy is all around us, we are all made of energy, everything we see, smell, touch, hear and feel is also made up of energy. Energy can be influenced and changed, scientists are now beginning to realise to what extent they can influence energy in order to effect changes in many different and exciting ways.

In terms of energy healing one of my roles as a therapist is to influence a change in a client’s energy system which will filter through to the physical, emotional or mental level and effect a change at the appropriate level for the client. Often results happen quickly when the imbalance at the energetic level is found and rectified and balance is restored.

We have different facets that make up our energy system just as we have different facets that make up our physical body systems. All of these facets both physical and energetic are linked and work together. Today in the techniques that I will show you we will influence the physical body systems and the energy systems to work positively together in order to inspire health and well-being. 

Two of the main energy systems that we will work with today are called the Meridian System and the Chakra System.

If you find the word “energy” difficult to accept it is maybe easier for you to consider your body as an electric circuit board. For example; if we consider how machines in hospitals take readings from our bodies, we can see that we are actually generating electrical currents and impulses if we were not these machines would not be able to take any readings from us.  When something in our electric circuit board fails or becomes blocked or stuck the overall functioning of our body becomes compromised and we get ill. What I do as a therapist is work to locate the blocked circuit and then work to unblock it so it can function properly once more as part of the whole circuit board. This is similar to how acupuncturists work but I don’t use needles!

Energy healing for mind and body – The Meridian circuits

Meridians are energy pathways that distribute energy around the body and are important for our Health. Meridians were identified by Traditional Chinese Medicine around 5000 years ago. Charts detailing 14 pathways in the human body have been found, later research using radioactive isotopes injected into the body have confirmed the existence of these pathways to be exactly as these charts depicted. The meridians are what acupuncturists work with. In Health Kinesiology we hold meridian points or gently massage them in order to balance the circuit.

The Chakra system

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel, people with clairvoyant abilities often see chakras on the body as big wheels or circles of energy. Chakras are also extremely important to our health they are big energy centres and represent different physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects.  There are seven major chakras in the body, and they run up the spine from back to front. Chakras are extremely complex and further description is beyond the scope of this article but please do get in touch for book recommendations if you are interested.

Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a healing system that is built upon getting the body and energy systems back into balance. I originally trained in Health Kinesiology which was developed by Dr Jimmy Scott in Canada in 1978. I also trained in Touch for Health Kinesiology which was developed by Dr John Thie in the 70s.

In my practice, I use Kinesiology when I am looking at nutritional balance or allergies and intolerance for clients. I also use the system for balancing emotional issues or dealing with things like phobias or fears.

My kinesiology training opened me to the wonderful healing potential that we are all able to access within our own bodies. The training I undertook exposed me to and taught me many techniques and tools in order to help restore health, vitality and balance.

Quick self-help technique to balance your energies

The Thymus Tap

The Thymus tap is an efficient and effective variation on a “Meridian Balance” that I perform as a Kinesiologist before I work with a client. Tapping the Thymus in this way for around 20 seconds will balance your meridian energy system for around 30 minutes. It is a great technique to get into the habit of using throughout the day. It is perfect to use before or after a stressful interaction or situation.

The Thymus Tap will:

  • Balance all your meridians and energies
  • Boost your immune system
  • Dilute stress response
  • Increase strength & vitality

Thymus Tap Technique:

  • Bunch the fingers of your dominant hand together
  • Tap around your thymus area (between your throat and breast’s) in a large circle in       anticlockwise direction (or left to right) for 20 seconds

Wellness Workshop

I developed my Wellness Workshop many years ago and it is packed full of tools and techniques that I give clients as homework to help keep them balanced between sessions, much like the technique described above.

For more information on the workshop or to book an energy healing for mind and body session with me please do be in touch.