Distant treatment for people and places

Distant treatment

Initially, we will book a time to speak and discuss what you would like to address in the treatment itself. I will then send a comprehensive consultation form over to you to complete to get back to me a few days before your session is scheduled. This gives me some time to look at the information and gently focus before we conduct the healing session.

Treatment sessions take place via Zoom or Skype or be entirely distant dependent, on the nature of the issues being addressed. Sometimes I will ask a client for a hair sample this will enable me to tune into them more effectively. I tend to use a mix of the therapies that I offer in person during a distant session mainly; Health Kinesiology, The Bowen Technique and Reiki & Seichem healing. These therapies can help with a multitude of issues.

Afterwards, I will send a detailed outline of what I found and worked on and anything you need to do for yourself going forward. I will often recommend supplements, remedies or other homework after the healing session is complete for you to get the maximum benefit out of the work I complete for you.

People often find these distant treatment sessions incredibly powerful and report significant shifts and changes both physically and emotionally afterwards.

So how does distant healing work?

Distant healing works on the energetic level. When I am working in this way I am working in the quantum field with clients and time and space do not hinder the work that can be achieved.

It might sound a bit whacky or “out there” but many healers work this way, also many very well-known scientists including Einstein and Tesla to name just two, worked to prove that time and space were simply illusions!

Don’t take my word for it though, see some of the feedback from my clients below;

“Just this evening Helen gave me a remote Bowen session as my back has been so sore. I’ve not been able to bend or sit without a lot of pain. I almost can’t quite believe it but the pain is down 90%. Amazed, not least because she did it from about 100 miles away!”

Distant Treatment for houses / spaces

Distant treatment can also be conducted for your property or other spaces such as gardens or offices. When there is an “energy disturbance” in a specific space, feelings of illness or unease will often be felt by the inhabitants, this may lead to all sorts of issues if not corrected. These energy disturbances can be caused by a multitude of things including; negative EMF, imprints from previous occupants, geopathic stress, water and the list goes on…

In a session for a space I will ask you to supply me with the name of the house / building etc. The occupants names and a diagram of the layout of the space. I will also ask you lots of questions about where the place is located, what’s around it and of course what issues are being experienced there.

I will consider all of the information you have supplied and use my skills to energetically “look” at what is going on. I will then use my tools to remedy the issues that are creating the problems.

After the session is complete I will supply you with details of what I found and what I did in order to remedy the situation along with any homework that you might have to do yourself.

How I work in practice

I have lots of procedures, tools and techniques in my toolkit that I can use in order to balance the body and energy systems. These can be done in person or at a distance. I do this by muscle testing your body or surrogate testing. In this way I can identify what the body needs from my “menu” of “corrections” in order to regain balance. These “corrections” are performed by highlighting a pattern of stress. These stress patterns might be emotional or psychological and are set up by the individual thinking about something specific or by physically using a toxin, allergen, food or other substance. I will test which circuit or meridian is out of balance and will hold points on that circuit along with using other “kit” in the presence of the stressor in order to restore balance back to the body and energy systems. This literally allows your body and energy systems to integrate and deal with whatever was causing the stress. People generally feel freer and lighter after this work, they also report that they can think about or be in the presence of whatever was causing them stress and it not cause them problems any longer.

Some specific examples of the things this work has helped people with include; Phobias, Fears, Emotional problems, Unhealthy patterns of behaviour, Psychological stress, Pain, Sensory issues, Cognitive issues, Learning difficulties, Allergies and Intolerance issues to name but a few!

If you would like to know more about distant healing or book in for a session please get in touch.