Boron the wonder mineral!

Boron the wonder mineral! – Why I use Boron

Early on in my research I read several papers on Boron and why it is so important for health in general, but it is critical for the health of bones and tissues. I also read several studies on how this mineral is essential for people with arthritic conditions and Ankylosing Spondylitis in particular. With my research on this under my belt I began to use around 6mg of this mineral daily in liquid ionic form. I ordered this from iHerb online and the brand I used is called Concentrace they make some good liquid minerals and I had already used their minerals and magnesium, so I naturally chose their Boron product too.

Finding yet more information

After reading more about this amazing mineral I began to look at other research and stumbled upon Dr Rex Newnham’s story online. I am so glad I did because it reiterated again the importance of this mineral. I give a link below to this research.

Basically, Dr Newnham the author of beating Arthritis and beating Osteoporosis conducted lots of studies on the effectiveness of Boron but also in how areas of the world with less Boron in soil seemed to have higher incidences of arthritic conditions. He initially noticed the correlation between low Boron levels and his own arthritic symptoms. He began supplementing with Boron and his arthritis diminished. He stopped the supplementation and the arthritic symptoms came back.

Dr Rex then began making his own Boron tablets from Borax and used these in his private clinics. His patients saw amazing results in the reduction and alleviation of their stiffness and pain.

Unfortunately, Dr Newnham approached a drug company in order to market his products as he was getting so busy. They put a stop to him selling the products because they were in clear competition to their own pharmaceutical drugs. The drug company also made Borax into a s registered poison so Dr Newnham’s business in Australia was destroyed. The doctor then went on to conduct more research regarding Boron and soil throughput the world and found pretty conclusively that in areas where the mineral was low incidence of arthritis was higher and vice versa. Boron really is the wonder mineral!

How I now use Boron

After reading Dr Newnham’s story and several other sources of information on Boron and Borax I decided to try making the solution from Borax. I ordered my Borax online and checked with a naturopath friend that what I had ordered was OK. I knew it was, but the labelling was a little off putting!

I make my Boron solution as follows.

  • Dilute 1 teaspoon of Borax in 1 litre of filtered water
  • The litre bottle is your borax solution
  • Take 1 – 2 teaspoons of solution per day in around 500ml of water

How much you need

Taking the solution as above you are getting around 2-3mg of Boron per teaspoon.

For arthritic issues you need around 6-8mg of Boron per day. If you are wary of trying the Borax solution (I was initially) you can always order the liquid Boron online.

I have to say that I have found the Borax solution to be more effective than the liquid Boron that I took initially. It is also way cheaper and so you can take more to get a higher dose without breaking the bank. I take so many supplements and health food products that I have to look at spend as much as possible. Taking Borax this way for me has been fine. In fact, because I increased my dose, I believe my symptoms have improved quite dramatically especially my pain levels and inflammation. I will continue to take this mineral and report back in a few months.

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