Based in Ledbury in Herefordshire and Corse in Gloucestershire I am fully trained in The Bowen Technique, Health Kinesiology and Reiki & Seichem with many years experience treating clients with a wide range of conditions – both physical and emotional. Use this website to find out more about me, the therapies, workshops & training I offer, and please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more or book a treatment.

I believe that optimum health is achieved when all of the complex aspects of our lives are in balance, this enables us to be happy, fulfilled and full of health. It is often easier said than done to achieve this state and we all experience varying levels of balance and imbalance in our lives. When we constantly experience imbalance or have done so over a long period of time it becomes a problem and as a result, illness may occur.

By using the therapies of The Bowen Technique, Health Kinesiology, and Reiki & Seichem balance on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels can be achieved, and the potential for optimum health on these levels can become a reality! In practice, clients tend to be amazed & delighted by what can be achieved with these therapies.

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Helen Mawson, BSc. Hons. DipM. BTAA. BAUK. KFRP

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Stress re-set session

I felt compelled to create this re-set session to help people with their anxiety, stress and worry concerning the current world situation. I am a

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Book and pay for 3 treatments after a Mini Bowen Treatment or a Bowen Taster session and I will apply a £10 discount for you.