Complete Balance Holistic Therapies

Distant Treatment

In a distant treatment, I will book a time with you to speak on the phone to discuss what you would like to address during the session. We will then agree upon a suitable time for the treatment to take place. People often find these sessions incredibly powerful and report significant shifts and changes both physically and emotionally.

Distant sessions for houses / spaces

Distant sessions can also be conducted for your property or other spaces. When there is an “energy disturbance” in a specific space, feelings of illness or unease will often be felt by the inhabitants, this may lead to all sorts of issues if not corrected. These energy disturbances can be caused by a multitude of things including; negative EMF, imprints from previous occupants, geopathic stress, water and the list goes on…

See the Overview page for details about Complete Balance treatments, charges and cancellations, or for more information or to book a treatment please get in touch.


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