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Osteoathritis - hip replacement - pain relief

Judy B

Judy consulted me just before a hip replacement operation. She was in a considerable amount of pain caused by her Osteoarthritis which had eventually resulted in the need for her hip to be replaced. Judy did not like relying on pain killers and was looking at alternative ways of managing her pain.

In Judy’s treatments we worked to reduce the inflammation that was causing her a lot of pain. I used hands on techniques focusing on the effected area along with other areas where she was experiencing referred pain. I also worked with techniques we have in Kinesiology using magnets on the body in order to get the body’s cells “spinning” in the correct way. This technique has a balancing effect at a cellular level which also has a general balancing effect for the whole body systems. We also worked with Homeopathic remedies in the conventional manner which involved Judy taking the remedies orally. We also worked with Homeopathic remedies in a non-conventional way which involved taping the remedy to a part of the body and then holding specific meridian points. This allowed Judy’s body to register the specific remedies theme throughout her whole body. After a course of around 3 treatments Judy’s pain was significantly reduced and she had managed to come off her pain relief completely. I also worked with Judy after her hip replacement operation and she made a very quick and effective recovery.

Judy’s comments;

“I was no longer reliant on pain killers. Following a hip replacement I also experienced back pain and problems, after the treatment the pain was very much reduced and now I am almost pain free! I do not understand how it works but it helped me! I would recommend anyone to at least try it.”

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