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Serious neck pain with significant restriction

Tracey O, Female Aged 49

My client presented with severe neck restriction and acute pain. She was delivered to my treatment room by her friend who had to drive her to come see me. Tracey had been taking strong pain relief for 7 days and the pain was still almost unbearable for her. She was also experiencing pain when swallowing and ascending sharp and shooting pains almost constantly.

The restriction in her neck was unlike any I had previously seen and I was initially very concerned as to what was going on for her. I questioned Tracey briefly on possible causes i.e. recent and previous injury and she told me about a neck injury that had occurred some 9 years ago. I had a strong sense that the current problem related to this old injury and the trauma was trapped in the tissues and needed to be released.

I proceeded to treat her with caution and had her sit in a chair initially for the Bowen moves on the upper back. All of these moves were tight and restricted. Both myself and my client felt this, she also experienced some pain as we worked through these.

With much manoeuvring, we managed to get Tracey onto my treatment couch and with a lot of pillows to give her enough height to be able to lay down. I then proceeded to treat her neck with. All of these moves were incredibly tight and the right side felt congested and very restricted.

I then proceeded to treat her with the TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) procedure and the drainage moves on the SCM felt very congested on both sides. The jaw also felt unbalanced on the left side.

After Treatment 1
I received a message later in the day from my client saying she had not had to take any pain relief for a good 5 hours and that the pain had diminished considerably and that she could slowly feel more movement in her neck.

The next day I received another message saying that the pain had diminished even more and that client had only taken one pain killer. The days following saw the pain diminish more and become less intense. Client slept quite a lot also in the proceeding days.

2nd Treatment
Repeated the above, much less restriction and moves much more fluid. Les congestion in the SCM and the TMJ felt much more balanced.

After Treatment 2
Tracey fed back that the pain had almost gone completely! She was able to return to work but took things easier and was mindful of not lifting things.
At the end of the day, she reported that pain had returned slightly but nothing like what she had previously experienced.

Client comment:
I was experiencing intense pain and was unable to move my head or neck. Any movement was unbearable so I phoned Helen to ask for help. Within an hour after the first treatment the pain began to subside. I still had very little movement but was I able to get some much needed sleep that night. After the second treatment, the pain reduced dramatically and the movement in my neck improved considerably also. After the third treatment the pain was completely gone and I was able to turn and move my head without any restriction. The effect of Bowen for me I feel was nothing short of miraculous! It is a truly wonderful modality and I recommend it without hesitation to anyone experiencing pain!

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