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Lack of energy - exhaustion - depression - emotional issues

Rachael N

Rachael consulted me in October 05 and had several sessions to resolve ongoing problems.Initially Rachael was concerned about her lack of energy, exhaustion and depression.

We worked initially to balance Rachael’s body systems on a deep cellular level and then really to strengthen her emotional state and stress responses. Issues around the birth of her daughter were dealt with also as tension from this experience was being held at a tissue level and the trauma needed to be cleared.

During the course of the sessions Rachael was able to release some very significant blocks within her psyche, this has enabled her to move on. She has made several significant changes, including moving on from her relationship, moving to a new area and now considering a career change.

Rachael’s comments;

“Ongoing emotional / relationship problems shifted and allowed me to become empowered enough to move on. I would always seek this therapy as I believe it has cured me on a very deep cellular level. Each session was tailored to suit the moment and was always just right!”

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