Complete Balance Holistic Therapies

Case studies: emotional stress

Client R

R consulted me regarding emotional confusion regarding her relationship, she was in a place of being unable to make any decisions regarding the future and each time she tried to do so her system was becoming more and more unbalanced.
First of all we worked to balance the Nervous System and bring about some calm, and open up a space for the client to be able to step into and out of the stress. We worked to identify where the stress response loop was effecting and then build on energy and strength in order for the client to step out of this way of responding. We used techniques that balance at emotional and psychological levels. We also used flower essences and nutritional supplements to balance the clients energy between sessions. After the course of sessions the client was able to make clear decisions regarding the future and she began to implement these effectively in her life.

Client comments on the treatment;

“After the session I felt emotionally stronger and less confused, more grounded and able to make clear decisions.
The therapies used are interesting especially as they are non invasive and work well on emotions and energy balancing.
The first treatment had the most noticeable effect I felt a great sense of calm and peace, but very tired.”

Your stories

I welcome feedback and comments from all my clients. Please do let me know your thoughts and experiences both during and after treatment.

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