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Knee replacement problems and pain

Angela B

The response Angela had to treatment is a true testament to how amazing Bowen can be. I was stunned by her response after the first session and indeed subsequent sessions. Angela describes her experience of treatment in her own words below;

Comment from Angela;

I am a 62 year old lady, who is still working and classes myself as still fit and active. I had a total knee replacement for osteoarthritis just over two years ago which unfortunately wasn’t the success and relief I had hoped it would be. A fall three months after the op didnt help, damaging one of the knee ligaments, since which time the pain didn’t get much better. I sought help with intensive physiotherapy and exercise programmes and acupuncture, but in the end had a arthroscopy performed with washout and removal of small pieces of debris. This eased the pain and helped for a little time post-operatively, but gradually the pain returned, mostly at night, and began to restrict my mobility during ordinary daily chores. My surgeon diagnosed a misaligned prosthesis and recommended revision surgery as an answer to my problems if I wanted to remain active at the level I had had previously. This was a very daunting thought, and so I decided to try a non-invasive alternative.

I first went to see Helen with a very sceptical outlook, having a medical background I certainly couldn’t see any benefit from what seemed to be a very gentle touch, and nothing more. My daughter had nagged me try it as she had benefited from Helens help for many years.

At my first session my knee was very swollen, hot and quite painful. During the treatment I felt total relaxation and nothing else. I could feel no pressure, manipulation or intrusion and in fact wondered what, if anything, had been done! Helen warned me that afterwards I may feel very tired and possibly ache all over, which I thought was nonsense, but I just got home before I was overwhelmed by tiredness and slept for four solid hours. I did ache the next day, but fairly quickly after that the swelling of my knee went down, the heat left it and the pain diminished. I at last was able to have a full night’s sleep, not being woken with knee pain. I had two more sessions with Helen at one week intervals during which time I was virtually pain free and my knee was no longer swollen or hot. This has continued, and the swelling and heat have not returned, and I am able to be as active as I was before with very little restriction to my activities. I have seen Helen for a top up once since the original sessions, which again helped immensely. I don’t understand how Helens techniques work, but I know they do, and I have complete faith in her treatments and will certainly continue to see her when necessary.

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