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Hay fever, depleted immune system

George C

Georges Mum contacted me on behalf of George age seven who was suffering with chronic Hay fever. George suffered with hay fever each year and has had some Kinesiology previously which managed to switch off the reaction.

I tested that George needed 2 sessions and he and his mum had to do some homework in between which consisted of tapping techniques that work by effecting specific meridians in the body that are linked to allergic reactions. During the sessions I worked with Georges immune system specifically in order to balance the systems response to the hay fever. When an allergy is present and persists typically the immune system is confused and can also become depleted. In Kinesiolgy we have specific techniques that work very well with allergies and intolerance. Often when an allergy or intolerance is identified we are able to help the body stop reacting in this way and effectively switch off the allergy/intolerance. Substances such as homeopathic versions of pollens, grasses and other allergens are often used when conducting allergy /intolerance work. Body substances from the nose, eyes, and throat are also often used when we are working on hay fever. George responded well to treatment and to the homework he did in between sessions along with nutritional recommendations. George is now thankfully symptom free and has been for the last month!

Comments from Georges mum;

“George was tired out after his last session but his cough and cold only lasted a few days, so I think his body was working really hard to flush it out. By Wed / Thurs he had a lot more energy and has been full of beans since, no sign of the dreaded hay fever!”

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