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Hay fever, Pregnancy, Anxiety

Sarah B

Sarah has consulted me on a number of different occasions the first session was to help with her miserable and rather dramatic hay fever symptoms. We worked in the session to get her body to stop reacting to the pollens involved with her hay fever. Sarah also had some homework to do after the session. After a few days Sarahs hay fever subsided and she was free of her miserable symptoms for the entire summer.

Other sessions included working on Sarahs PMT which was significantly helped in terms of her cycle balancing and significant reduction in period pain. A session in order to reduce Sarahs worry regarding her wedding day was also very effective and interesting. We worked together to identify emotional issues around her worries and used techniques to help her body integrate these without going into panic mode!

I have also worked with Sarah during both of her pregnancies to relieve tension, morning sickness, stress, and identify specific nutritional requirements.

Sarahs Comments;

“I cannot pretend to fully understand how HK works but have been very impressed with the results. I have
h4. had several sessions that were easily quantifiable i.e. physical problems remedied such as PMT and Hay Fever. I am certain that a session I had to ease nerves for my wedding day, not only me hold too many tears back, but I felt immediately relaxed and confident when I left the session (which I certainly wasnt feeling before about my big day”

Your stories

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