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Case study: chronic fatigue

Lisa K

Lisa consulted me in May as she had been suffering form Chronic Fatigue for around 3 months which was affecting various aspects of her life including her having to stop work. Lisas comments which tell her story are shown below;

Comment from Lisa;

“I saw Helen after suffering from chronic fatigue for 3 months. I was not seeing any improvement in my symptoms until I started seeing Helen, and then I had a gradual improvement in that I had less overall body pain and more energy. I was really pleased with the results, even though I think Bowen technique is a bit like magic – I dont understand it properly but it works! During the sessions I felt relaxed and a bit sleepy and there are no unpleasant sensations from the treatment. Helen is very professional and made me feel at ease and cared for.
I had 4 or 5 sessions in total and feel I have been back to normal for the past month. I think the sessions helped balance the energies in by body and promoted my healing.
Thanks, I am still feeling very good, and have just started work again!”

Your stories

I welcome feedback and comments from all my clients. Please do let me know your thoughts and experiences both during and after treatment.

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