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Breast Cancer - Physical and Emotional Support

Ann M

Ann consulted me in Nov 05 when she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
Ann opted to undergo conventional cancer treatment which involved surgery to remove the tumour, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Herceptin and Tamoxifen.
Initially we worked to balance Anns nervous-system and bring about some overall balance to her understandably stressed state of mind. Throughout the course of Anns treatment we worked to build her bodys and energys strength and on several occasions worked to detoxify her system from the drugs she was taking. We worked together to achieve some sound nutritional balance that further helped Anns body systems cope better with the actual illness and the treatment. Ann had to take several vitamins and minerals including Selenium, Vitamin C and Salvestrols, a fruit and vegetable based supplement used widely now in the treatment of cancer.
Throughout the course of her conventional treatment Anns blood count remained high, and her emotional state became more balanced and remained that way for longer lengths of time.

In Anns own words;

“I have been through a gruelling and harsh conventional treatment for breast cancer. I found that my therapy carried me through both physically and mentally. On many occasions I felt re-energised. On occasions I left feeling more positive when Id felt down, on arrival. I always felt better and strengthened. I really feel the therapies helped me and I shall continue with them to aid the rest of my recovery. I cannot praise the power of this therapy enough”

Your stories

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